Friday, September 4, 2015

Creating Badge Icons

These are a collection of badges that I created for a Mobile Zoo Application! 

Whether looking at vintage Boy Scout badges or the popular Untapped App, the idea of collecting badges is quite relevant in modern applications or game design. Creating a wide range of badges can extend the "replay" value of the application and contribute to how competitive the social aspect of your application can be.

When designing the set of zoo badges, I focused on rewarding the user for performing both the basic and the advanced features of the app. The badge wording was determined by the client which brought about some design restrictions. Colors and imagery were based off of there extensive style guides that they were using in the zoo displays. I took some illustrative liberties to make some of the more challenging badges have some more appeal.
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I got to do a bunch of design for a zoo app! I wish I could have been part of the initial design but I was brought in later on the project and just got to skin the application and create some assets and badges.