Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Corporate Technology Announcement Design

A corporate technology announcement that I designed for Timmons GIS acquisition of dtsWildfire. This would be printed on company printers witch automatically add a .5in margin so I had to keep that limitation in-mind.

Pinwheel Gif

Small animated gif loading pinwheel created for a mobile app. 

Letter Announcement Design

I designed this for a special letter announcement that would be emailed and mailed out to clients. The "button" in the hand is an interactive button that links to our webinar signup. (had to take out body text and gray out date and title)

GIS Banner Image Design

Another Banner Image designed for Timmons Group website.

GIS Banner Design (Natural Resources)

I designed these banner stands for our GIS department to take to conferences. We wanted to focus on our wish, wildlife, and forestry applications. I was challenged to find an image that was high enough resolution and could be split into three panels. The images are raster but the "popovers" are vector elements. 

Poster Design for GIS Conference

A Poster design for presentations presented at a GIS Conference. Expanding on blend the Timmons green with the Timmons GIS green. 

Cloud 9 Living, Charity Auction Poster

This is a small poster design for gift certificates placed by Timmons Group in a charity auction.

Corporate Technology Graphics

These are some examples out of a set of 20 corporate technology graphic icons that I created. Blues and Reds are trending colors with high contrast to be used on a white/light background.

Banner Marque Image Designs

Some banner images that I designed that showcases some of the applications that Timmons Group has designed.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Globe Graphic Illustration

I created this illustration/graphic for Timmons Group. It's a high-res image to be used in multiple pieces of collateral.