Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mantis-5 (Elbow Tank)

A fun little sketch project to create a military vehicle. I put this together really quick and just kept drawing and making alterations. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Corbin Pg1-9

Pg1-3 These were the first pages of Corbin for me to start coloring and so with that came a lot of problem solving and communication between me and Mike. I loved these panels and the opportunity to really use light sources to my advantage as well as saturate the color pallet to create mood.

Pg4-6 Getting into pages 5 and 6 presented me with a new setting with more lighting and close ups. Every panel presented me with a new learning experience and challenge. If one angle of a shadow was off then the entire expression was lost.

Pg7-9 New angles on characters presented new shadows and edge lighting scenarios with these panels. Some of these frames are particularly complex due to angle or subject matter and trying to approach a tasteful use of gradients was particularly difficult.

Summary Working on this preview of Corbin with my good friend Mike Odum was not only fun but a great challenge and learning experience. I'm glad I've had such a great intro into comics and being a colorist. I'm very excited to be involved in more work down the road.